Friday, July 16, 2010

with the fire of 1,000 suns

My sister and I have started going to a trainer. Let's call our trainer Tyra the Tyrant.

We have worked out with her twice, the first time was last Saturday. The training session was 1 hour of torture. 1 hour of lingering in the 7th level of Hell. It was horrible!

During the workout, Tyra chirped as she sipped a latte, "you guys are gonna hate me!"

She was right. By the time the session was over, Shell and I were drenched in sweat, descending the stairs to the locker room with rubbery, muscle distressed legs and in a post workout fog. With every step down on the stairs I announced "I hate Tyra, I hate Tyra".

The remainder of the week was one where anytime I moved, I cried out in pain. While sleeping, everytime I rolled over, I was awakened by twinges of pain. Going up and downstairs was often done on my hands and knees. My dread of seeing Tyra again today built slowly and steadily starting on Sunday.

Today, as we walked in the parking lot of the health club I said to my sister "I wonder which car is hers, I want to go kick her tires". As we entered the building I said "I hate Tyra, she is ultimately evil". As we climbed the stairs to the gym I said "I don't want to do this, I don't want to do this".

As we started the workout Tyra was extra chirpy and perky, which made me want to pinch her. She is one of those super fit natural blondes, probably a size 2 (arrrggghhh). She began to put us through the paces, and what we had to do was a lot more fun than last week (remember it was the 7th level of Hell). I found myself not hating Tyra quite so much in the beginning of the workout. Don't get me wrong, my inner rage toward my trainer grew, but not to the epic levels of last Saturday. When she asked how the work out went today, I said "well, last week I hated you with the fire of 1,000 suns - this week, I only hate you with the fire of 950 suns, so I consider that a big improvement."

Tyra took it in stride, and laughed, as it was meant as a joke. I actually felt a little sense of accomplishment at the end of today's session. And I am not as sore as last week. I didn't totally hate it. But don't tell Tyra I said that.


Seester Shelly said...

In addition to the fire of 950 suns, the gym today was like the tropics, but without a breeze. My theory, Horses Sweat, Men Perspire, and Women Glow.

Just call me Flicka

Janina said...

Did I ever tell you about my first workout with our personal trainer? I vomited. It was lovely. Of course, I also refused to hire a female personal trainer. So, our male trainer was nice enough to clean up my puke.

Anonymous said...

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