Thursday, June 28, 2007

everyone needs a silent sentinel

Have you ever been really affected by a character in a
book or movie? How many women wished they were a call
girl just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women? How
many men thought it would be cool to be Tom Cruise in
Top Gun? Many I'm sure. On my street, there is
someone who identifies with the Ralph Macchio
character of Daniel-San in the Karate Kid. Perhaps it
was the majesty of the Crane pose Daniel takes at the
end of the movie, to foil his foe, or maybe it was the
struggle of learning "wax on, wax off" that touched
him so.

The Daniel-San superfan wants to reinforce the magic
of this character by making his presence present in
every day life. How does he do it you ask? By
leaving an oh so haunting photo of Daniel-San in
public areas, watching over us like silent Karate
sentinel can do...look for Daniel-San photos in your
neighborhood, you'll see he's watching over you too...

Thursday, June 21, 2007


The ingenuity of man...

It's what separates us from beasts - the ability to
communicate with whatever is around.

I have deciphered that the person that wrote this
message was asking for medical assistance. I think he
only had enough sauce to write S - ER - which I have
translated into "Send the Emergency Response".

I'm guessing his arteries told him he had one McNugget
too many...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Still wrestling?

There is nothing like a demonstration at lunch time in San Francisco. The crowd was too thick for me to get a good view, but my buddy Joseph gave me the lowdown.
A group of people set up a kiddie swimming pool filled
with Tofu and soy cheese. Cheeky chicks in bikinis were
wrestling in it. The group behind this vegan display was PETA, who
was asking the crowd if they were "Still wrestling
with the idea of Tofu?". If any of you knew me when I
was growing up, the Fisher family embraced Tofu like
no others....

I didn't have my camera with me unfortunately when I
was in the midst of things, so I ran back up to my
office and took a picture from the window before I had
to go to a meeting. Of course there was a tree in my
way- curses! The photo, while far away, gives you a
flavor for the escapade.

What didn't make it into the photo was a lone family
of 5, standing across the street with a sign up saying
"real families eat meat"

They didn't have a crowd standing around them.
Perhaps if they were in bikinis?

Monday, June 18, 2007


Irrational fear #27:

I worry that when my back is turned while transferring my clean clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, the kitty that lives in the "silence of the lambs" inspired laundry room in the basement of my apartment building, will climb into the dryer without me noticing.

I fear that I will turn on the dryer, and not notice any howling or wailing the cat may do. I imagine opening up the dryer to find my clothes covered in cat pieces and tufts of hair, yet still surprisingly "downy fresh"...

Signs of the Times

As you are all aware, we are bombarded by visual
messages every day. Some are witty, some are stupid,
some are irritating. Each morning whilst standing at
the bus stop I see the attached message. It's a sign
posted in the front garden of our neighborhood drug
rehab halfway house. I'm sure its an inspirational
reminder for all that stay there. However, for me, I
am not inspired, I just get annoyed. It's just to
much like a saying that one would find on a plaque
that could be purchased at "Successories" replete with
a photo backround of a sunset at the seaside with the
silhoutte of a seagull in the corner.

I think that they should put more signs around the
city like that - such as "if you put one foot in front
of the other, you will go forward". Anybody else have
any ideas for signs?