Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Still wrestling?

There is nothing like a demonstration at lunch time in San Francisco. The crowd was too thick for me to get a good view, but my buddy Joseph gave me the lowdown.
A group of people set up a kiddie swimming pool filled
with Tofu and soy cheese. Cheeky chicks in bikinis were
wrestling in it. The group behind this vegan display was PETA, who
was asking the crowd if they were "Still wrestling
with the idea of Tofu?". If any of you knew me when I
was growing up, the Fisher family embraced Tofu like
no others....

I didn't have my camera with me unfortunately when I
was in the midst of things, so I ran back up to my
office and took a picture from the window before I had
to go to a meeting. Of course there was a tree in my
way- curses! The photo, while far away, gives you a
flavor for the escapade.

What didn't make it into the photo was a lone family
of 5, standing across the street with a sign up saying
"real families eat meat"

They didn't have a crowd standing around them.
Perhaps if they were in bikinis?

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