Thursday, June 28, 2007

everyone needs a silent sentinel

Have you ever been really affected by a character in a
book or movie? How many women wished they were a call
girl just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women? How
many men thought it would be cool to be Tom Cruise in
Top Gun? Many I'm sure. On my street, there is
someone who identifies with the Ralph Macchio
character of Daniel-San in the Karate Kid. Perhaps it
was the majesty of the Crane pose Daniel takes at the
end of the movie, to foil his foe, or maybe it was the
struggle of learning "wax on, wax off" that touched
him so.

The Daniel-San superfan wants to reinforce the magic
of this character by making his presence present in
every day life. How does he do it you ask? By
leaving an oh so haunting photo of Daniel-San in
public areas, watching over us like silent Karate
sentinel can do...look for Daniel-San photos in your
neighborhood, you'll see he's watching over you too...

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