Sunday, July 01, 2007

What would you do?

Before making a major decision, do you question what
decision another would make in your shoes?

I often try to think what my father would do when
making a decision, as his choice would most likely be
the most sensible. Generally, I have a hard time being
sensible much of the time.

That would make me a “WWDD” i.e. What would Dad do?

If someone was concerned about finding their “spirit”
they would be a WWOD – What would Oprah do?

If someone was unsure about whether or not to shave their head – What would Britney

If someone was unsure of what kind of nose job to get, they would be a WWAD – What would Ashlee do?

This person that drives a green Subaru apparently has
issues with running into ghosts/crooked amusement park
owners, or is always in fervent need of a snack. I
would imagine they have chosen the best example to
follow for decision making as illustrated on their
bumper sticker…

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