Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Snack Time in the South

It's 3:30. My mind is having a hard time focusing on writing copy for a project at work. My stomach is grumbling - that Campbells "soup at hand" just isn't sticking to the ribs like I thought it would. I need a snack. I'm going to grab some change and go to the lunch room where the vending machines are to get a little something to get me going.

As I push the buttons of the vending machine, browsing for options, it hits me again that I live in the south. How does it hit me? By coming across Instant Grits as a food option in the office vending machine. I guess I have the choice between the grits, or vienna sausages in a can, or good 'ol pork rinds..

yum. not.


Jyoti said...

Merry North Cackle-akee to yoooooooo!

Michael D. Fisher said...

Are Vienna sausages in a can fit for human consumption? We feed them to our elderly dog as a "protein" supplement. I just about hurl when I have to add them to the daily canine meal.

Please follow up this post with a brief interview of someone that eats these items from your vending machine.


Missy Fisher said...

unfortunately, I don't think anyone eats the vienna sausages. I shall look to the first person looking green around the gills and clutching the abdomen in pain - and interview them. They have to be Vienna sausage eaters, paying the price for their folly.

shelly fisher said...

I believe that there is a marvelous appetizer recipe that includes vienna sausages, grape jelly and bar-b-que sauce. Maybe for the next office pot luck, a primary ingredient of each dish needs to be from the vending machine (ala Top Chef season 1)

michael d fisher said...

OK Shelly, you go first with the Vienna Smokehouse Grape recipe and tell us how it goes.