Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Urban camouflage

This one's been tickling in the back of my brain....there may be a diabolical agent among us here in North Cackalack. Each day I drive by a giant pine tree - or is it? My mind has considered the possibilities:

1) A cell phone tower feeling anxious and ostracized because it stands out as metallic and cold while surrounded by hearty, lush trees, to which it has transformed itself like a chameleon to fit in with it's surroundings.

2) A CIA spy tower - hidden in the midst of suburban Raleigh, listening in on all of the daily drama facing the yuppies of the 21st century.

3) An alien robot/machine hidden here waiting for it's orders from it's home planet to take over Earth like in War of the Worlds.

In reality, its probably just that all of the status seeking up and comers in this development of North Raleigh does not want to look at a cell phone tower everyday, so they demanded a faux finish on this bad boy, so every day is like Christmas at Kmart.

I hope they at least put flashing Christmas tree lights on it for the holidays for maximum tackiness.

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