Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It won't be long till I get my Hover-round

You know you are old when you are captivated by a tree in your backyard.

I must be 104.

Pretty Tree from Missy Fisher on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

VW Diaries, Vol. 1

A girl gets bored and lonely on a long drive. What better way to entertain oneself than talking to a video camera? I had my trusty Flip camera on it's new little tripod on the expansive dash of my Beetle, turned it on and then just chattered away. Don't worry, I was a very conscientious driver. I drive like an old lady (5 miles above the speed limit) which drives the NC rednecks NUTS. But I don't drive in the left lane, so therefore, they can bite me.

Anyway, if you want a glimpse of what goes on in a 2007 Beetle on a North Carolina highway, take a look. It takes a moment for the video to load, so please be patient.


VW Diaries Vol. 1 from Missy Fisher on Vimeo.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A brush with Bruce?

Ever had someone tell you you look like someone famous? It's one of my favorite questions to ask people. When I ask the question, I usually have a celebrity in mind that I think the questioned person looks like. Personally, I've had a couple of people say I look like Bette Midler, and once when I was sitting upside down on a friends couch when I was in college, my friend Chuck said I looked like Madonna. So if I'm ever asked the question my answer is: right side up I'm Bette / upside down I'm Madonna. Now I think I will learn to walk on my hands...

Here I'm telling B-rad who I think he looks like.

What every girl needs....

More than a fabulous pair of shoes or the perfect red lipstick, a girl needs one of these....

Thankfully I have been blessed with multiple ones!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Don't forget to "SMIZE"....

New favorite obsession? Checking out the submissions on It's SOOOOOO much fun to check out the fashion combinations that others have pulled together in their pursuit of being the next Rachel Zoe / Mary-Kate and Ashley / Patricia Field.

Mind you, most people submitting to have an extra style gene or style gland (eww imagine that) than the average person does. Despite their innate stylishness, most of them look like Derek Zoolander working "Blue Steel". Most of them could benefit with a ANTM marathon and learn how to "smize" as Tyra would say - Lots of opportunity to connect with the camera and smile with their eyes.

It also reminds me of long ago, when my friends Jody, Lori and I would hold photo shoots - where we would create characters / ensembles etc. and photograph these new personas and then put them into a big photo album with captions. It was all very G-Rated / ABCFamily friendly so don't get any creepy ideas. But oh the trauma that would be had should those pictures ever fall into the hands of others.

Oh the trauma....

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Solving the worlds problems one batch at a time

Sugar, butter, flour, eggs, vanilla...all ingredients that can spark sudden inspiration.

The physical result was quite divine as you can see.

The metaphysical result was inspired, but may lack the proper fortitude for success...witness the thought process