Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tales from the #15

My mother instilled in me the importance of taking care of one's skin. I think as a result from her careful guidance when I was a young girl, it led me to my career in the skin and haircare industry.

As I rode home on the #15 bus one day from work, I saw another mother educating her daughter on the ins and outs of skin care. Her teaching method differed drastically from my mother's. This woman chose to teach her daughter about blackheads by having an impromptu extraction session whilst riding on the bus. Her daughter, who was about 12, sat with her face to her mother, as her mother used her fingernails to squeeze offending pores on the poor girls face. I couldn't tell if the daughter was horrified, but if she wasn't, I was certainly horrified for her.

Mom, thanks for never squeezing anything on my face - especially in public.