Friday, August 22, 2008

Probably another exhausting night in dreamland tonight

As I go through reading my daily favorite sites on the internet, the false news posted of French actor Jean Reno having a heart attack filled me with dread. Dread because a film star that I admire may be ill?


Dread because the dream will probably come to me tonight. Since about 1989, I have had a re-occurring dream starring Jean Reno (as his character Enzo in The Big Blue - a movie about competitive free diving) that shows up every couple of months. Is it like clockwork that the dream turns up?


Is it the same dream?


It's usually a very detailed escapade in which this Enzo character shows up in weird situations and either helps or distracts me. He's never evil or dangerous, but generally it's kind of a pain in the ass. He's turns up in his wet suit in the weirdest places.

Ask my friends Mike, Jody or Lori, they will confirm that I have been boring them with the telling of my Enzo dreams for almost 20 years.

I've always been a colorful dreamer, in full color with precise detail. Last night was a mental workout, as I had 4 specific, colorful separate dreams which involved 4 different groups of people from work that didn't involve work in any way. My dreams are so active almost every night, sometimes I feel like I have all my mental energy drained out of me when it's time to wake up.

Do I want to be a person with black and white, vague dreams? No. I'm glad I get to remember them, and I am glad I get to bore those close to me with my recounting of dreams.

Why? Because I can.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The silent scream

What I looked like during my ride back from the beach with my friend Jessica behind the wheel.

I made it back in one piece...surprisingly.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The inanimate - animated

I have always projected personalities upon inanimate objects. I have since I was a kid. Could be an aftershock from the Disney-fying of my childhood - where a multitude of inanimate objects would come alive in movies and cartoons, implying they had thoughts and emotions, a la Herbie the Love Bug.

This personality projection manifests it in a variety of ways - too extensive for me to detail without boring you to death. I chalk it up to having an overactive imagination.

As I have mentioned before, I lived with my Gay Hubby for over 7 years, and in his main bathroom, there is a sink with a face within it. I'm not talking "potato chip with the face of the virgin mary on it" face within it, the kind that would get sold on Ebay - I'm saying the design of the sink is such that it looks like a face.

Every night when I was getting ready for bed, washing my face and brushing my teeth - I looked into the bathroom sink and saw this face staring back at me. Kind of like a stoner dude - with a blank silver eyed stare, and a slack open mouth and a frequently runny nose-like spigot.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A possible brush with death

My life passed before my eyes last night.

I just finished eating some dinner consisting of brown rice, hummus, onions and avocados (sounds weird, but I'm weird, so stop judging).

As I put the Hummus container away, I saw the expiration date. "Use by 7/25/08 7:25 PM". I overshot the freshness by 10 days and 30 minutes.

I may perish from this perishiable.

If I don't post anytime soon - you will know, it's because of the hummus.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm not always alone in my thinking...

It never failed.

Everyday, when the bus drove by this building on the way to classes at the University of Minnesota, I would see the chiseled sign above the doorway of this building just off the campus.

Viniversity Storehovse Shops. I would repeat it in my head, after I saw it.

I realize the building was built long ago - and the right thing to do was to use a V instead of a U (god bless the old timers modeling the sign after the Greeks or the Romans or who knows what culture)at the time it was built, but now, it's a bit unique and stands out to the typical late 20th century student.

When I back in MPLS this summer, driving around Dinkytown (the name of the area outside of the campus on the east bank of the Mississippi) with Gay Hubby and friend Jody, I knew we were about to approach the building known to me as Viniversity Storehoves Shops. I started saying it out loud, knowing that we would pass it soon. GH said "what are you saying, you sound like a loon" to which I told the tale of my daily pass by of the building and how the name would get stuck in my head. Both he and Jody thought I was a lunatic. I disagreed. I said that I bet a bunch of people thought the same thing as I did.

A hearty debate of of their "no way" to my "uh huh" pressed on for a minute and I said - I'm calling my sister to see what she says. My sister Shelly went to the U of MN and once worked there as well, so she was well versed in the layout of Dinkytown.

I called her up and said "Shelly, you know that brick building across the street from Coopers Union?" She replied "you mean Viniversity Storehoves Shops?"

I then rested my case.

It feels good to be right. Oh yes, it feels good.