Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm not always alone in my thinking...

It never failed.

Everyday, when the bus drove by this building on the way to classes at the University of Minnesota, I would see the chiseled sign above the doorway of this building just off the campus.

Viniversity Storehovse Shops. I would repeat it in my head, after I saw it.

I realize the building was built long ago - and the right thing to do was to use a V instead of a U (god bless the old timers modeling the sign after the Greeks or the Romans or who knows what culture)at the time it was built, but now, it's a bit unique and stands out to the typical late 20th century student.

When I back in MPLS this summer, driving around Dinkytown (the name of the area outside of the campus on the east bank of the Mississippi) with Gay Hubby and friend Jody, I knew we were about to approach the building known to me as Viniversity Storehoves Shops. I started saying it out loud, knowing that we would pass it soon. GH said "what are you saying, you sound like a loon" to which I told the tale of my daily pass by of the building and how the name would get stuck in my head. Both he and Jody thought I was a lunatic. I disagreed. I said that I bet a bunch of people thought the same thing as I did.

A hearty debate of of their "no way" to my "uh huh" pressed on for a minute and I said - I'm calling my sister to see what she says. My sister Shelly went to the U of MN and once worked there as well, so she was well versed in the layout of Dinkytown.

I called her up and said "Shelly, you know that brick building across the street from Coopers Union?" She replied "you mean Viniversity Storehoves Shops?"

I then rested my case.

It feels good to be right. Oh yes, it feels good.

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