Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My dogs are barking.....

I consider myself to be fashion forward...generally. On a limited budget, and with a less than super-model appearance, I try to rock it out when I can.

One way I like to express myself through fashion is to have courageous shoe choices. The small issue is that I am a total wuss about having sore feet. It may be from working for 5+ years on hard marble floors as a retail manager in my early twenties. That is where I developed my philosophy of being a wearer of fabulous flat shoes as opposed to fierce fashionista stiletto heels.

I will wear the occasional spike heel - but it has to be when I know I will be trapped in meetings all day and not marching up and down the square all over the office. Today was supposed to be one of those days - stuck in meetings for 8+ hours. I picked out my black suede booties with the super heels that look so adorable on this morning knowing about my meeting situation. Unfortunately, I didn't plan out the logistics of my meeting calendar today, because today my meetings were here there and everywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, on the west side, on the east side - and every step of the way to my meetings, my feet reminded me as to why I am much more adorable with an Audrey Hepburn sort of flat rather than a Victoria Beckham uber heel.

Tomorrow its going to be all about my Tory Burch Leopard Flats....ahhhhhhhhh.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Genius - Genius I tell you!

I heart Steve Carell. I heart "Anchorman - the legend of Ron Burgundy". I heart this clip. He should have won an award I tell you....