Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tonight I shall dream of blue ribbons....

It's official.

I am going to be puttin' a mighty fine artistic entry in the State Fair! Wahoo!

I'm a little nervous. Last time I put anything artistic in a show I think I was 10 and they hung a picture I had painted up in a student gallery display at the lovely Har Mar Mall. The 1970's were much more forgiving on the creative souls of children back then. Now, everyone is a critic - with free immediate venues like Facebook, Twitter, blogs - I could be emotionally slashed to ribbons if I don't win some sort of prize. Of course, I am being a bit of a drama queen, considering the MN State Fair is one of the largest of the nation, and thousands of people enter items. So, assuming that I would be a focal point of attention is a wee bit pretentious isn't it?

Anyway, I know that it will be fun to do - Jody, Mike and I are going to have a craft day and make two items each to submit to the fair. We are each putting in an entry for stained glass design (flat) and stained glass design (vessel). Check back in a few weeks for a photo of what I end up making. Currently my vision of the flat design item will be a recreation of this:

Let's just see if that comes to fruition shall we?

A few years ago I took some pics at the fair at some of the submissions - take a gander at the caliber of competition we will be up against.

They are all magical in their way. I just hope those that view my future pieces are as generous as I in its criticism

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