Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make some room in the knickers drawer

Today I went to the movies with a friend we will refer to as the Dancing Queen. Dancing Queen and I like to have girl time occassionally, and this week it was a lunch and the movies situation.

After a delicious lamb burger at Cafe Barbette, DQ and I headed off to "Joan Rivers - A piece of work" playing at the Lagoon Theater. Not too many people in the audience, and DQ and I were half the age of most of them.

The movie covers a year in the life of Joan Rivers, and how she is the hardest working woman in show business. Is it all business that A listers would want to do? No. But for a 75 year old, she has got a work ethic of a draft horse and the gumption of a Mary Lou Retton (remember her? She was the piston driven pixie that stole the hearts of America in the 1984 Olympics ack!). You get to see behind the scenes of her life - close ups of the results of her plastic surgery, whiffs of her desperation for ongoing relevance and fame, and see the origins of her comedic roots. She's feisty, funny, and a little bit sad.

It's an entertaining two hours that I recommend for most. Some of her jokes are a little racy, so those with the most delicate of constitutions may want to stick with the Disney fare rather than this documentary.

I give it 3 knickers out of 5.

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