Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Family Portrait

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Ah the family photo. A brief glimpse in the style of the times, and the awkwardness of the times too. The family pictured has found their look, and as a family they are workin' it - and workin' it HARD.

The Fisher Family had a photo like this - not so much about the super hair, but working a style all the same. Our last official family photo was when I was in 6th grade, and my dad had been named the Prince of the West Wind for the St. Paul Winter Carnival. As a Prince of the West Wind, it required him to dress in a symphony of fringed western shirts, fancy boot cut pants, and some fierce cowboy boots. Since he was swept up in the cowboy style, our family decided to take a professional photo where we kids were sporting a 10 gallon hat, and my dad dressed in his princely garb. My mom was exempt from the hat, as she had a fancy hairdo that she didn't want to wreck. She did show her support in a plaid western shirt and a smile that was reminiscent of a frontier woman.

Thankfully, this photo - which still hangs in my parent's home in an infrequently traveled hallway, has not hit the internet. If it did, it would probably be on my new favorite website - Check it out, I have added the link on the left of my blog.

I wonder what the featured family's hair looks like now?


Jodahoda said...

Do it! Submit it! I want to see it again! You were soooo the awesome west wind princess. I was jealous of the glamour.

Anonymous said...

Missy was the cutest member of that family photo. I would describe her countenance as coquettish.