Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the run from the Wild Kingdom Mafia

I'm a lover of all creatures great and small. I always root for the animal when it comes to man vs. nature, and currently run a 'catch and release' program for spiders in my humble abode. With this love comes a deep sadness when a little beastie, be it furry, slimy, or with many legs, meets with an unfortunate circumstance that ends its time on earth.

Last Autumn, my father shot a deer while deer hunting in Northern Minnesota. I am not a fan of him deer hunting or deer hunting in general, but nonetheless it continues to be a fact of life. 3 days after my father called to say he got a deer last year, I began to have an eerie situation where there would be up to 5 deer congregating in my driveway as I would return home from work each night. They would stand there staring, and then as I approached they would dart away. This happened for about 2 weeks after that fateful phone conversation with my dad.

This last weekend, my friend accidentally ran over a frog in the parking area of my townhouse development. He didn't mean to do it, it was a wee fellow, and he should have been in the grass doing froggy things rather than rockin' it on the asphalt late at night. We both felt bad, and said sorry to the little guy, and then went on with our lives.

Last night, as I was locking up my little house, checking the back door locks, testing the front door locks, something caught my eye. I looked up to the window above my front door and spied a frog - about 8 feet up off of the ground suction cupped with his little webby hands watching me from the window. Of course I squealed like any woman would, and then decided to record the incident with my camera as proof that I may be being stalked by an amphibian. If I suddenly disappear - check the local swamps and question every Raleigh-Durham frog you may see. They probably would be aware of my whereabouts.

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Anonymous said...

Classic Missy paranoia. It's as if we all are still living together. Family is great!