Monday, June 01, 2009

I'd like to buy a vowel....

Ahhhh, birthday cakes in Raleighwood. Today was a belated birthday celebration for our pal Jeff. Jeff is in Communications, and is quite the stickler for good grammar and spelling. In fact this morning he was carrying on about people who mix up stationery and stationary (his tip, remember that you write on stationEry with a pEn).

Imagine our joy when we picked up this humdinger of a cake in the Kroger bakery. Either they forgot the E for the play on words....or they mixed up a Z and a Y. A million dollar idea could be spell check for decorators - it appears to be a common problem (check out for further evidence).

Jeff was pleasantly appalled by the misspelling on his cake, and relished in the bad grammar goodness of the creamy frosting.

Hoping you all dream of cupcakes tonight....

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