Sunday, April 11, 2010

Go ask Alice, when she's 10 feet tall

I went on an acid trip.

Well, sort of.

I found out about a little southern gem called Acid Park from my hairstylist. I mentioned I was going to Wilson, NC, a small little burg an hour from Raleigh. Her eyes got big and said "You totally have to go to Acid Park!".

She then went on to share the lore of park - a story where the park/monument was created by a distraught parent whose daughter died in a car accident on the way home from prom, because she and her date had dropped acid at the park. It's filled with giant mobiles and metal structures built from scrap metal and covered in automotive reflectors. The medium of twisted scrap metal to symbolize the car which was wrapped around a tree in the accident, and the reflectors to symbolize the look of an acid trip when approaching car lights hit the explosion of light reflected back.

After my fabulous haircut (thank you Christa), I investigated Acid Park on the trusty internet. It's listed on ghost sighting websites (haunted by the former prom teen) and as a point of interest in the county. I mentioned to my pal Amy, a Wilson, NC native about Acid Park and asked if she was aware of it, and she said "Well duh, where do you think we went to drink when I was in high school?".

Amy, some of her in-laws and I set out on the back roads of Wilson to discover Acid Park. While we weren't there in the dead of night, for the optimized acid experience, we did get to see a tremendous folk art display of amazing size and complexity. It's on a corner where two country roads intersect, with NO TRESPASSING signs everywhere. What we could see from the road was pretty cool - I wished for a quick solar eclipse for a little bit of darkness, but unfortunately, my wish was not granted.

The real story of acid park is here

Feed Your Head from Missy Fisher on Vimeo.

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