Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm a dark cloud threatening a tahitian sunrise

Location: Chambers Hotel Bar in downtown Minneapolis
Occasion: Mike and I reconnecting with our pal Todder, a top cool guy in the universe
Situation: A fashion self-realization, deep down I'm still a goth-lite girl from high school

As we sat and sipped our fabulous cocktails, swapping stories of the goings-on in our lives, I noticed the fellas that I was with apparently read the same fashion brief. Todder was wearing a tremendous shirt featuring the rosy shades of sky one might see watching the sun rise over a south pacific sea. Mike was sporting a crisp Brooks Brother shirt, with a window pane check in a similar shade of sunrise pink. Both looked fresh yet completely manly, perfect in their setting of a hip hotel bar.

What was I wearing? My constant uniform of black with leopard print accents (flats and a scarf). I looked like Mrs. Robinson, on her way to a Cure concert. Koo koo ka choo....I need a new fashion direction. Might not be a sunrise....but I will be working my way away from goth cougar....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think you hit the trifecta with this post:
1. Mrs. Robinson on her way to a Cure concert.
2. Koo koo ka choo.
3. Goth cougar.

It's hard to believe you will be shifting away from black.

Always glad for a TFK post.

Big Bro