Monday, March 17, 2008

A bingo hero

Here is my pal Andrew. He is a smarty pants about many things, except for one. B-I-N-G-O is it's name-o. A group of us were at Drag Bingo(A fundraiser for the Alliance Against AIDS) last Saturday. The game was straight BINGO - either across or diagonally. Andrew got a little excited when he filled up his entire N column (5 numbers called in the N column) and shouted out BINGO! to the crowd. When his card was checked, he was shamed in front of the group, as the game is BINGO! not NNNNN! as his card reflected.

His punishment for false BINGO! declarations was to wear the dunce cap until someone made the same mistake again. He ended up wearing it for a while....but with great aplomb. I won't lie, there was an obvious spring in his step when the next guy did the fake BINGO! call and he got to give up his crown of shame to the new offender.

Andrew is this week's bingo because he was a good sport about wearing his hat, even though he wasn't looking is most supremely macho-iest at the time.

Bravo Mr. Aplin, Bravo!

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