Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tensions have been high at work. We have all been working really hard, but feel like we are spinning our wheels. My department tends to commiserate together and morale is low. On Friday last week, after a meeting that I was conducting ended, I was pulling the meeting room back together. I packed up the projector, shut down my computer, pushed in the chairs, and finally pulled on the screen to activate it's magic roller system to pull it up back to the ceiling where it sits hidden until the next time it needs to be used. As the screen slid up to it's final resting point, modern day office hieroglyphics made their presence known. It was 3 groupings of drawings. The first were simple circle faces - one with a frown, another with a smile, with the statement "turn that frown upside down". A friend of mine in the room confessed that she was the one had drawn that one, as she was in a funk and thought the drawing would pick her up. Another was a circle face with squiggly hair, and a goofy smile with a tongue sticking out of the simple U-shaped smile and said " be happy, it's later than you think". Not sure if they were commenting on that it was Friday afternoon, and we would be going home soon - or for those with a darker viewpoint, it was saying that we are one step closer to having a foot in the grave each day. That of course bummed me out. The third and final drawing was the one that resonated best with me - to grin and bear it essentially - because I am finding that NO ONE wants to hear me whine. Boo hoo poor me. I'm still a bit grouchy. Can you tell? - rhetorical question - no need to respond. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.........

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shelly said...

I like to think that I have a "fine Minnesota whine" ...full bodied with good legs.

May my mantra help you (actually I may have gotten this from you years ago). "In with anger, out with love, Kumbayah."