Monday, February 20, 2006

Just add an extra one will notice

As I strolled down the lanes in Brighton, England with my pal Amy, I came across a shop where one can fulfill all their rocker needs. What are rocker needs you ask? You know, the tight jeans, leather studded accessories, Sid Vicious t shirts etc. As they were having a sale, I thought it was the perfect place (06 Christmas gift spoiler ahead family and friends) to pick up some lovely studded dog collars for all the girls, and some sassy leather studded cod pieces for the boys this holiday.

As I approached the shop, I noticed there were some challenges relating to grammar on the storefront. I was overwhelmed by the creative spelling of the word "closeing". It could be my my ignorance in the differences between American english and English english - you know color vs. colour, realize vs. realise. Or perhaps they have an employee outreach program for the spelling challenged, and they didn't know any better when they made the sign. I personally think it's because the "t" is missing from the sign above the shop - changing the shop name from the former Electric Rock to Elec ric Rock. I think they said "add an "e" to closing...maybe it will detract from the "t" that is missing in the sign".

I'm sure it was a Brit that stole the "t" - you know how much they love their t(ea).

Man. I crack myself up.....

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Joe Stephen said...

Hi Missy. Very funny post.
But edit out the
I Crack myself up or whatever at the end.
leave the punchline on it's own. Rule number three of comedy.
your pal in laughter,

typed by ww