Sunday, February 07, 2010

A new diversion

Ahhh the lost art of creating a collage. Remember collages? They seemed to be a go-to assignment for the hippie-ish teachers in middle school. Collages were always a nice easy "A" assignment. Cutting and pasting were a snap, the one little challenge was to be adept at explaining how the images magically linked together. The only drawbacks of collage creation was the sticky fingers from the glue, and little chunks of paper, the shredded aftermath of serious scissor action.

Want to revert back to those old school days and create a collage without the mess? Try Polyvore, a website where you get a piece of space to pull different images together any way that you would like. The beauty of it is that the images available are endless, and there is no mess to clean up! My pal Jody and I are starting a little polyvore challenge each month, where we pick a theme and then each create a collage or two around the theme. Since it's February, the theme was love. How lame is that? All I know, is it's kinda fun. Try it, you might like it, and it may keep you off the streets. I've attached my two interpretations of love - or lurve as I like to call it. Read into it what you may. I have given myself an A+

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