Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mighty Life List: Take tap lessons.

This is Maggie Mason, and I have had a non-psychotic obsession with her for several years.

I first became aware of Maggie about 10 years ago (I think) when my friend Lori told me about her cousin Jason Kottke, who had become a blogger. At the time I didn't know what blogging was, but I checked out Jason's blog on the internet which was in its infant stages.

While Jason is a very insightful writer (very technical and connected to the news) some of the stuff he wrote didn't connect with me - probably because of that extra x chromosome I'm sporting. He did have a list at the side of his blog that detailed the blogs that he liked to read. That is where I discovered Mighty Girl - Maggie Mason's blog. I think when I started reading her blog, she was just meeting her now husband and had a job in some office in San Francisco. Since then she has gotten married, had a kid, become a professional free-lance writer, has a shopping blog, written some books, traveled the world and who knows what else!

Besides inspiring me to start this wee little blog, I have had a couple of dreams featuring Maggie prominently. There is one reoccurring one where I find myself using her washer and dryer secretly and then getting caught by her and her husband as they come home from some outing. Another fun one is that I run into her shopping and she tells me in a very nice way that what I am wearing is all wrong and shows me a cool way to tie a scarf around my neck. I don't dream about any other blogs that I read religiously (thank heavens I would hate for Perez Hilton to pop into my sleepy time adventures). I just admire her for the similarities I perceive that we share - a love of red lipstick, unusual fashion accessories, living in San Francisco, Kharmann Ghias, a big group of friends, and a love of travel. I also admire for the things I so greatly lack - her bravery to try new things, and what appears to be a huge sense of adventure.

One of her most recent projects on her blog has been the creation of a Mighty Life List - a list of 100 things she wants to do before she dies. It's a much more attractive name than the typical "bucket list" much more stylish with no elderly Jack Nicholson aftertaste. Since she is so cool...Intel has decided to sponsor her in her quest to achieve several of her Mighty Life list items. I think that is pretty cool indeed. The video shown illustrates one of her items - taking tap dancing lessons.

Maggie Mason, if you ever read this - I'm not a psycho, I just find you inspirational.

Warm wishes.

All the rest of you - check out her blog www.mightygirl.com

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Anonymous said...

Missy is my Mighty Girl.

This post is classic Missy.

From someone who knew her in her formative years.