Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A feel good gulag

I work for a company that loves to get behind a campaign. We are against animal testing, we support community trade with indigenous peoples, campaign to protect human rights, promote self esteem and last but not least, recycle . Our newest kick is doing everything with PASSION. Posted all around the office are various posters telling us to get through life with PASSION - work, laugh, shop, live, dream and so on and so on. The passion messages are relentless, there is no where you can escape without one in your line of vision. One may think that the ladies room would be a safe haven, but they even get you illustrated in today's picture of the day. When the posters first went up, I imagined that I felt much like a citizen of a capital where the government was just overthrown, and a new dictator has papered the city with his image to acclimate the inhabitants with the idea that he is the new guy in charge. My work environment could be considered an "up with people" work camp, with much better benefits.

Wondering what passion poster is in the men's room?



Anonymous said...

Where can I buy these fabulous posters? I need two and I'll pay!! Let me re-phrase....I need two with passion!!

Michael Fisher said...

I am sure in the mens' room the signs read, "Pee With Accuracy".