Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bitchin' Beemer

I stood on the corner of Powell and Filbert, waiting for the #15 bus to pick me up so I could spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the office preparing for my week of vacation. As I waited, I spent my time people watching as I live in one of the more popular tourist areas of the city.

As I watched some German tourists disrupt traffic while trying to take a photo of St. Peter & Paul's church from the middle of the street, I noticed a very large, sleek BMW ease it's way into the intersection, ensuring it would make the next traffic light. I looked into the car and saw what must have been an aftermarket addition to the car to enhance the beauty of the luxurious leather interior.

What was the addition? Why it was some lovely white lace crocheted headrest covers. Puzzled by the covers I checked out the driver. The dude driving the car seemed like he was in his mid thirties, and the car certainly didn't look like it was his mother or grandmother's car. I imagine that he is married to a woman who was a former corporate bigwig but now is staying home to raise the kids and rule the household. As a means of maintaining her idea of a productive lifestyle, she has taken to doing crafty experiments to become the next Martha Stewart. Unfortunately the fruits of her industrious new hobby has spilled over into her husband's very expensive automobile.

I just wish I would have leaned in closer to see if she had made a parking brake cozy too.....

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